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Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

November 21st 2007

DVD delivery date

I’m afraid the delivery date of late November for the DVD has had to be pushed back. The type of technology tasks required for the production have a nasty habit of throwing up fresh hurdles. Currently I’m working on a process that removes much of the dirt and hair blemishes that had transferred from the original Super8 film to video during telecine. It’s quite a time consuming operation (each film clip needs five separate parameters to be set), though is well worth the effort as the images are quite a bit cleaner as a result. Viewers of the earlier Road Dreams series especially will see a marked improvement in image quality. And this is all before the actual DVD production run – with an NTSC version requiring a further set of changes again (the PAL version will be released before this).

I do apologise for the delay – and hope to have the PAL DVD ready in late January.

In the meantime, by way of a small recompense, the website will shortly – November 30th – have two more short films and a Frame Grab slideshow added.

Elliott Bristow

November 21st 2007