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Iowa - red towel & fridge

Iowa - sofa at Plato

I’m well aware that today is April Fools’ Day, though have made no apple pie beds myself. All the same, how about this for a catch phrase or sub-text to describe Road Dreams – ‘Far superior to Prozac’. It came as a third hand quote in an email. Perhaps the t shirt would be the location to place it? Nothing like claiming to have a more positive effect than one of the most widely ingested drugs known to mankind.

Acme Hotel

Husky diner

This last month has seen a bit of a production detour, though not an aimless one. I’ve now completed a box set of RetroRoadTrips iPod files. The impulse for this arose from having acquired my own iPod touch (after having previously borrowed my neighbour’s). The screen size has been something of a revelation where the quality of the image is concerned. There is no intention to move away from the PAL DVD production – DVD is for shared viewing and the iPod for the solo sort (and the DVD set will contain both types anyway, on separate discs) – but the iPod touch experience did set me to thinking about how I might set about trying to publicise the RetroRoadTrips project when the website shop is open. For a site that has had no deliberate publicity efforts made on its behalf it really does quite nicely, but an extra effort will have to be made to coincide with the shop opening. Putting together an NTSC DVD is just too time consuming and costly (at least until Codachrome is finished). So the partial epiphany was that an iPod disc would be a way to mail out demos, especially to America (where Road Dreams has never been seen). Here’s a couple of images of what the box looks like. (I’m well aware that I’m unlikely to develop a career as a pack shot photographer.)

iPod box cover

iPod inside box

The technical details of what encoding formula works best – the trade off between file size and quality – are, as usual, hardly worth recounting (other than mentioning the, by now, standard mental seizures it all engenders – plus the time taken to sort it all out!). My solution has been to provide three different file types on the one Data DVD, to address those two objectives separately. Let the viewers decide for themselves is the aim.

And thank you to those of you who leave comments from time to time – it helps to establish that these entries do get read. I also occasionally come across other strands regarding Road Dreams, and here’s one that I read recently. An appreciative nod to Nige of the Old Hangar.

On the Hadlyme Ferry

I hope to post a much shorter list of ‘jobs to completion’ within a few weeks.

9 Responses to “April news”

  1. jonathan says:

    I wonder how many miles that old Peterbilt actually did in the end?
    Maybe when you ‘retire’ from RDs you can do a “Return to Road Dreams”, revisting all the best places and some of the characters. Ahhh, to dream, eh?
    Also, have you seen David Lynch on the iphone? 😉
    The resolution on the ‘touch’ must be good.

  2. Baz Covill says:

    Just looking in to see how things are going Elliott, looking forward to Codachrome whenever its ready. Just looking at the pictures on here bring a smile to my face, I instantly recognise just about every one, as do, lots of others I am sure

    All the best


  3. Nigel Mason says:

    I am ‘Nige from the Old Hangar’ mentioned above and I am happy to be of service! Looking forward to anything you may produce in the future.

  4. Alan Woollcombe says:

    Hi Elliott,

    I happened across this website quite by chance and it brought back memories of Road Dreams (my taped copies long since disappeared after a couple of house moves) – and also of my own three trips to the States in 1977, 78 and 80, when I travelled across country by Greyhound bus and Amtrak. No video tapes alas (though that young woman looking over her shoulder at the camera looks awfully familiar – I’d love to know when and where that was shot).

    I am a bit disturbed that your last comments on here seem to be two years old – makes me wonder if this is an active site. Are you still working on Codachrome and is there a release date any time soon?

    All the best anyway – Road Dreams was magical and deserves to be available again.


  5. Russ haines says:

    hi, just an overlay from my note made in the comments section, may 2010, i have been back on the road in CA for 30 days in october 2010. still wondering Elliot if you are able to make contact with your site, we all hope you are well.

  6. Steve Mainwaring says:

    Whilst watching “How the Brits Rocked America: Go West” on BBC4 last evening, I spotted a clip of the blue Chevy from RD Part 1 amongst the footage. Then a steady stream of Road Dreams clips started to appear throughout the programme (including a couple of clips of Elliott). ‘Elliott Bristow’s Road Dreams archive’ got a mention in the credits.
    Wow – even the BBC are starting to get wise to this gem!
    Maybe they’ll se fit to screen the entire series at some stage…..

  7. Pete says:

    Yes Steve, I saw that too. Those clips really brought the programme alive for me.

    It would be great if they did screen ‘Road Dreams’ and fund Elliott to finish Codachrome.

    Hopefully Elliott is ok and Codachrome will appear.

  8. Baz Covill says:

    Just looking in to see if there’s anything new, hope Elliott and all Road Dreams fans are well, and wish you all a Merry Christmas!


  9. Russ Haines says:

    Greetings From NZ to Elliott & all you other Road Dreamers who have or may wish to post a comment.
    For Me, its been almost 2 years since my last visit to the US , so im getting The “Road Dreams ” Dvds & Cds out again to shake off some winter Blues .
    Im on FB if anyone wishes to make contact .

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