Current status

November 21st 2007

DVD delivery date

I’m afraid the delivery date of late November for the DVD has had to be pushed back. The type of technology tasks required for the production have a nasty habit of throwing up fresh hurdles. Currently I’m working on a process that removes much of the dirt and hair blemishes that had transferred from the original Super8 film to video during telecine. It’s quite a time consuming operation (each film clip needs five separate parameters to be set), though is well worth the effort as the images are quite a bit cleaner as a result. Viewers of the earlier Road Dreams series especially will see a marked improvement in image quality. And this is all before the actual DVD production run – with an NTSC version requiring a further set of changes again (the PAL version will be released before this).

I do apologise for the delay – and hope to have the PAL DVD ready in late January.

In the meantime, by way of a small recompense, the website will shortly – November 30th – have two more short films and a Frame Grab slideshow added.

Elliott Bristow

November 21st 2007

16 Responses to “Current status”

  1. Chris Miles says:

    It’s such great news that you are working on all this material and that there will be new footage to see and new music.

    Every time I watch my increasingly fragile video of the original Channel 4 broadcasts I think what a brilliant piece of work those Road Dreams episodes were and they’ve become a firm favorite of my 18 year old son, influencing his film making and music.

    Can’t wait to seee the new stuff.

    best wishes

  2. Ben Marshall says:

    Not sure if this is the right place to be leaving these words, but the images in Road Dreams have been permanantly burnt into my brian! Can’t wait though to be able to see them on screen again, hopefully a little clearer than the worn VHS copy from way back. It was your footage that fired my enthusiasm for Super 8 film, and I just can’t give it up now…
    Good luck with the project…
    All the best,

  3. Simon Lloyd says:

    Good Luck Elliott. Just enjoyed watching the Dinosaur Gas and Joshua Tree clips. Beautiful. The sound effects really add a new dimension, and the snippits of footage that I don’t recognise from the original Road Dreams programmes only serve to tease for what else is to come.
    Truly inspirational.
    Take it easy,

  4. Jim Carlile says:

    Are you the Mark Bristow mentioned in an old Super 8 Filmaker?

  5. Rob says:

    Can’t wait to see your new release. So pleased its coming to DVD.

    best wishes, Rob

  6. Jonathan says:

    Just watched the QT clips – the new music is very good and some interesting new shots. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing, especially on your ‘ancient’ mac.

  7. Steve MacKenzie says:

    Hi Elliot, great to see the website coming along. The new clips look great and very much looking forward to seeing the DVDs when available.


  8. Mike Farley says:

    Hi Elliot..Like many,many others I’m delighted to see that the Road Dreams dream is not dead..For the last couple of years it seemed that failing VHS copies of the original were all that was about..fantastic that you are doing your thing..still..even now watching the snippetts etc. has a real emotional pull for me..and as for the Kerouac reading..brilliant.. ..I think it would be well worth providing a page where fans?such as myself could explain what the series meant to us..and why we are so grateful to you for bringing this “thing” back to life.

    All the very best of luck..and thanks

    Mike Farley

  9. angus says:

    looking forward to the finished product too.Yes like so many other road dreams meant so much to me when i saw it first.I was not even 16 then.A few year later i was old enough and traveled in the USA on my own road dream;now itself part of my own history.Good to hear how much it meant to other too and always good to hear more about your projects.

  10. Matthew says:

    Hi Elliott, Is it worth considering an option to have/not have sound FX during DVD playback? Or on a seperate channel which can be controlled by selecting 1-10 for volume? I am so used to the dreamlike effect of no sound effects if would be top to have the choice. can’t wait for the DVD’s, keep up the fantastic work.


  11. john says:

    Elliot,all your work must appear on television again and again,it’s wonderful.To think that when you were filming in ’68,Here’s Lucy,The Doris Day Show,Rowan & Martins Laugh-In,Hawaii Five O,Magpie&Dads Army all premiered on tv. Mary Hopkin appeared on Opportunity Knocks,the Ford Capri was about to appear and the crew of Appollo 8 believed in Father Christmas..

  12. David Litchfield says:

    I remember being entranced by Road Dreams when it first aired on Channel 4. They did repeat it but I only got four episodes on tape. For many years I wrote to Channel 4 every six months or so asking for another showing, but as the channel degenerated into the ratings chaser that it has now become, I was unsuccessful. Can’t wait for the new stuff. As you say, Elliott, it is a reminder of a less anxious time.

  13. kevin Aldersay says:

    This ‘programme’ that I first saw some time when life was, somehow, more gentle, always left me wanting more straightaways. A bit like a really good album…and that’s another thing that shone through. The music used to illustrate the filming was so good, enhancing the whole experience without getting in the way.
    These images have stayed with me from the very first viewing of them, and that is testament enough, I suppose. Elliott has pulled off the ultimate visual coup d’etate, the audio equivalent would have to be Astral Weeks. Praise enough, people?

  14. adam says:

    Glad to know your name, Elliott. My wife has over the years tired of my oft-repeated eulogy of Road Dreams. I was 16 when the series was aired on C4 and it awoke in me an interest in other places as they really are. I now live in the US and love touring the country on the road (car or, preferably, bicycle). I just watched Sean Penn’s movie Into the Wild which I think shares a sensibility with your films, and it prompted me to look out for any news on the project. Not surprised to see so much heartfelt praise of your project. So happy to hear about the DVD. Can’t wait.

  15. david browne says:

    AT LAST!!!! i can,t believe i found you ,i have been looking for this for quite some time ,obviously NOT in the right places ,i loved your series it was pure magic ,channel 4 showed it at 12.30 pm on saturdays in the late 80s and i never missed an episode .alas the videos i taped at the time have long gone,hopefully i will be watching your trip again very soon,keep up the good work ,and thanks for the memories,ps my wife will be thrilled she loved the programme too

  16. mattm says:

    Dear Elliot,

    Like the other posters above, Road Dreams is etched into my mind like no other TV series – I’m glad it’s coming soon to DVD – my videos were long since played to death.

    Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more,


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