Or Thereabouts: Answers

Or Thereabouts: Answers

Quite a few maybes with these answers, as well as some additional ‘delve deeper’ questions. Can you answer them?

Sonic Drive In

1. Clue: 3,290 branches – and plenty of space for parking

Answer: Sonic Corp is based in Oklahoma City, and this shot was taken during a run through Texas. Which town though?

Board prop plane

2. Clue: Flying (on) down to Rio? – halfway there by now

Answer: Miami – and halfway depends on where you start

Liquor Market

3. Clue: The gold light golden hour

Answer: Maybe – Vermont Ave, Los Angeles – or San Pedro?

Snow street scene

4. Clue: Vogage of discovery

Answer: Columbus, Ohio

Hillsons luncheonette

5. Clue: Jayne & Park: movies & literature

Answer: Maybe – Mansfield, Pennsylvania (or nearby)


6. Clue: This sign might be near nowhere

Answer: Maybe – nr. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hamp Baker was Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner

Mickey’s Diner

7. Clue: Letter to the Romans

Answer: Maybe – St Paul, Minnesota. Is it still there?

Oil derrick cowboy

8. Clue: Coaling Station A

Answer: nr Coalinga, California

Seattle view

9. Clue: A view of Puget Sound

Answer: Seattle (but what’s the name of the bar?)

Water tank & palm

10. Clue: Just north of the very 1st Motel 6

Answer: nr Santa Barbara, California (taken from the train)

Ghost town

11. Clue: This state has more than most

Answer: Colorado, off Rte 17 to Alamosa (possibly). Not really a ghost town – people were living here

Chevy at bar

12. Clue: Ozark automobile

Answer: Maybe – nr Fayetteville, Arkansas. (How many Green Door Lounges can there be?)

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