Or Thereabouts: Clues

Or Thereabouts: Clues

These scenes haven’t (yet) been fixed precisely, and so the clues will also tend to the same vagueness. If you can identify any of them more accurately, then please let us know.

Sonic Drive In

1. Clue: 3,290 branches – and plenty of space for parking

Board prop plane

2. Clue: Flying (on) down to Rio? – halfway there by now

Liquor Market

3. Clue: The gold light golden hour

Snow street scene

4. Clue: Voyage of discovery

Hillsons luncheonette

5. Clue: Jayne & Park: movies & literature


6. Clue: This sign might be near nowhere

Mickey’s Diner

7. Clue: Letter to the Romans

Oil derrick cowboy

8. Clue: Coaling Station A

Seattle view

9. Clue: A view of Puget Sound

Water tank & palm

10. Clue: Just north of the very 1st Motel 6

Ghost town

11. Clue: This state has more than most

Chevy at bar

12. Clue: Ozark automobile

Or Thereabouts: Answers

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