Pretty Certain: Answers


Pretty Certain: Answers
Red church
1. Clue: Bruce Springsteen would probably know
Answer: St Michael’s RC church, Long Branch, NJ – up the coast from Asbury Park
Sand dunes
2. Clue: In the lee of the Western Slope
Answer: Great Sand Dunes National Monument – off Rte 17, nr. Alamosa, Colorado
3. Clue: Soon you’ll have to turn back
Answer: the old Rte 1, from Key Largo to Key West, Florida
gas station
4. Clue: It rains, and rains – but people still like it here
Answer: Bomber Gas, Milwaukie, Oregon (nr. Portland). It’s no longer a gas station
5. Clue: Look familiar? This is how the original would look if Time hadn’t intervened
Answer: Stonehenge Memorial, Maryhill, Washington State – on Rte 14, running along the north bank of the Columbia, nr. The Dalles
6. Clue: Not in Colorado, though next door. Think of the son of Lot, and an almost President
Answer: The Dewey Suspension Bridge, on Rte 128, nr. Moab, Utah
small town
7. Clue: A personal reason to visit. There are fourteen all told in America
Answer: Bristow, Nebraska – just off Rte 12, north of O’Neill and not far from the Missouri
old planes
8. Clue: Desert air and moth balling
Answer: Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (the Boneyard), Tucson, Arizona
railroad trestle
9. Clue: Not a Bridge Too Far (though it might seem like it during the crossing), just a bridge upstate. The river flows to Lake Ontario
Answer: The Rome, Waterstown & Ogdensburg RR Bridge over the River Genesee, nr. Genseo, upstate New York
10. Clue: The burros are a fixture
Answer: Oatman, Arizona
11. Clue: East to West meets North to South
Answer: The Interchange of Interstate 84 and Interstate 5, Portland, Oregon
at the beach
12. Clue: Roller skating and body building, usually in the sun
Answer: close to the beach, Venice, California
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