Pretty Certain: Clues


Pretty Certain: Clues

Red church

1. Clue: Bruce Springsteen would probably know

Sand dunes

2. Clue: In the lee of the Western Slope


3. Clue: Soon you’ll have to turn back

gas station

4. Clue: It rains, and rains – but people still like it here


5. Clue: Look familiar? This is how the original would look if Time hadn’t intervened


6. Clue: Not in Colorado, though next door. Think of the son of Lot, and an almost President

small town

7. Clue: A personal reason to visit. There are fourteen all told in America

old planes

8. Clue: Desert air and mothballing

railroad trestle

9. Clue: Not a Bridge Too Far (though it might seem like it during the crossing), just a bridge upstate. The river flows to Lake Ontario


10. Clue: The burros are a fixture


11. Clue: East to West meets North to South

at the beach

12. Clue: Roller skating and body building, usually in the sun

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