Who Knows

Who knows

There are no Clues and Answers for this page. Some of the locations are just too vague. If you can make a naming connection, especially with regard to the small settlement in Arkansas, I would be happily surprised.

Blue car to driveway

1. Walla Walla, Washington State (maybe). A new born baby is brought home from the hospital.

Beer teepee

2. Geronimo’s Castle, Bowie, Arizona (maybe). And if someone has actually stayed there and can report on the experience, that would be a bonus.

Blimp landing

3. A field in Rhode Island. Note the two sets of ground crew, running with ropes attached to the blimp in their hands. That’s how a blimp is brought to a halt.

gas station

4. A Coors sign and migrant worker shacks are the only leads. Around the Four Corners area perhaps?

chapel and old car

5. nr Woodland?, California (west of Sacramento).

Boy with screen

6. nr Pocatello?, Idaho

No talking to prisoners

7. Just like the Westerns. It only needs a horse and a rope to effect the escape. Boyce – or Rhame, N.Dakota (maybe).

Cottonwood Camp

8. Campsite in Nevada. The sort of morning when waking up in the car is a pleasure.

Moved house

9. South Fork, Long Island. How far this house travelled to get here is the interesting question.

Red car side on

10. The Hamptons. Lazy afternoons that cost a fortune.

Arkansas dirt street

11. Somewhere in Arkansas.

Gas at 32 cents

12. Fairly certain that the bridge spans the Ohio River – so W.Virginia is quite likely. But the gas price sign – that’s gone for good!

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