Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings and a thank you to all who have shown an interest in this site.

A brief update is that the late January completion date is looking likely – the tasks still to finish are mainly connected to physically producing the DVD (including the design, printing and packaging – still a lot of work), as well as setting up a shop on the site. In addition to the DVD, the iPod disc, and the audio CD of the soundtrack music, I’m working on a booklet that will also be included. This will feature some Road Dreams anecdotes in greater detail than the spoken narration normally allows. Hopefully these stories will entertain, and also provide a wider view of what a life on the road was like at the time.

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  1. Chris Miles says:

    I wondered whether, amonst the long list of technical jobs to finish, you’ve considered any media promotion for what you are doing?
    There’s a reasonable number of us that have found our way to the website over the last few months and I’m sure we are all involved in letting like-minded friends know about your films but I’ve no doubt there is a huge potential audience out there who would really enjoy your work, either for the first time or as a link back to those original Channel 4 showings.
    The Word and Uncut are both magazines that I would expect to be interested in what you are doing along withy the Arts review of The Guardian and Independent and probably Sight and Sound.
    Any plans?

  2. mattm says:

    Further to Chris’s comment above, I have just made a posting on The Word blog directing people here.

    And Chris, do you live in Llanyrafon?

  3. Chris Miles says:

    I didn’t even know there was a Word blog. Sounds like another place on the web for me to lurk about instead of getting on with whatever else I should be doing!!!
    As for the Llanyrafon connection – no it’s not me, I live just outside Oxford.

  4. mattm says:

    Chris, at the risk of pushing my luck, do you know Neil MacAlpine?

  5. Chris Miles says:

    Yes I do – and I spoke to him on Wednesday for the first time in a while!!!
    I’m guessing you’re the Matt who escaped Kingston for the Welsh hills. I just had a quick look at your Haiku on blogger, really beautiful.
    I’ll let Neil know.
    For anyone else who’s wondering about this thread getting highjacked Matt and I have never met but know of each other through a mutual friend from about 15 years ago. I guess either the internet is made up of a really small group of pepole who just post a lot or Elliott’s films have a knack for drawing like minded people together.

  6. mattm says:

    Hi Chris – thanks for your kind words and please give Neil my regards – six degrees of seperation indeed – and thanks Elliot for letting us comandeer your thread!

  7. Neil MacAlpine says:

    Hi Matt, and Chris too. Matt, you made your own “Road Dreams” film if I remember right. On Super 8 too. You were rather amazed at the processing costs……
    Sorry Elliot, but we were all in a bit of a thrall to your concept at the time. All the best with your project.


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