Super 8 to Final Cut Pro

Super 8 to Final Cut Pro

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This section is intended mainly for other Super 8 filmakers and is part auto-biographical, along with some technical production details.

As the theme of my filmmaking is that of keeping a diary (the home movie approach that Super 8 stimulated so productively), it’s just as important to recognise the other ingredient – which is that I consider myself as much a driver as a filmmaker (driving having been how I’ve mainly earnt my living over the years). The point being that it’s the driving experience that’s provided the bulk of the diary content in my case.

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The other aspect of keeping a diary is that it’s a film that’s never finished. As long as the footage does gets shown in the interim, that ongoing quality can be quite an advantage. I suspect there’s not many filmmakers who wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to go back and rework some detail of their earlier films. The advantage of a diary is that it is possible to reorder the material on a continuing basis. I’ve now been showing the same (though expanding) range of footage in different ways since 1969. The crucial limiter on this practice is that, over time, so much material is acquired that there simply isn’t enough of a life span left in which to shape it. That’s the stage I’ve reached. I have enough editing work to keep me busy every day.

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