Update on Production Tasks

Road Dreams study

I thought I would attach an image of my study for this post. As you can see there is very little spare space, which should be viewed as a form of positive, indicating that there are many tasks in the process of completion.

Since the last post I can report that collecting the new fx is now complete – 216 new fx for later use in the full length version of Codachrome. Only £624 in the Sale (to give you an idea of how costly film production, even at this level, can be).

The design of the audio CD and DVD packaging is complete – and an initial batch of audio CDs has been produced, using LightScribe. Below are some rather basic images, to give some idea of the look.

Unfortunately, the annual, winter illness has also arrived and I need a few days to deal with that. At least lying in bed has given me the opportunity to read the story of how the Oxford English Dictionary came into being. It seems that took from 1858 to 1928, so I have a bit of leeway (just kidding – I want this stage of the task completed as much as anyone). As soon as I have arisen from my sick bed I expect to pick up the pace considerably.


audio CD cover

audio CD inside

audio CD backfront

RRT DVD cover

RRT DVD back

6 Responses to “Update on Production Tasks”

  1. Paul S says:

    Thanks for the update and sharing your work space with us.

    Glad you can enjoy your enforced rest to some extent. Don’t worry about the timescales – what’s a few more weeks? 😉

  2. jonathan says:

    Hope you’re getting well.
    CD cover shot is great.

  3. alun says:

    get well soon
    saw road dreams years ago on C4 I think and found it again on YouTube
    Lookingforward to the DVD

  4. John says:

    Seeing my first bike,trainset,school,girlfriend, beer and RoadDreams all created similar excitement and anticipation – brilliant!

  5. dom says:

    Hi Elliott, we are out there waiting for codachrome! We’ve waited (can’t remember how many!) years so we are patient!
    Keep with it, best wishes dom

  6. NIck says:

    Hope you are feeling better now Elliot? Not being a great TV person, I never saw RoadDreams on the box, but finding the DVD inspirational and perfect for long flights on the iPod.

    Very much looking forward to seeing codachrome

    best, Nick

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