Visitor Stories

Visitor Stories

Going ‘on the road’ is not exactly a 20th Century invention, though my direct inspiration was Jack Kerouac’s On The Road rather than Homer’s Odyssey. But the road is both a long running and widespread theme, and one of the satisfactions I get from showing my film is that it often seems to remind viewers of their own experiences. So here’s a place to share some of those, if you care to. Just type in your story in the dialogue box, bearing in mind that it’s designed for comments rather than full length novels. Who will be the first to tell their tale?

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  1. Martin MacGillivray says:

    As a teenager at the end of the sixties I read Vonnegut, Kerouac and Keasey (is that the right spelling?) and hankered after visiting the states after meeting a couple of other callow youths in Greece who were from Pittsburg. Ended up working the next summer in Ocean City New Jersey. The place was dry so we’d visit an all-night club over the bridge. My first Road Dreams picture I remember was the morning sun streaming through the doors and picking out the drunks slumped along the bar. Later I hitch hiked across to California and back, completely incapable with laughter at Cheech and Chong, but it may have been due to the particularly receptive state I was in, if you catch my drift. Also travelled with a band for a while, playing the army bases and collecting generals’ hats.
    Anyway, mindful of the guidance not write an essay, I’ve really appreciated the Road Dreams series over the years. I recorded it all at the time and frequently played it just to relax and think. I’m really looking forward to the DVD.

  2. Dave Notman says:

    I too recorded all the time but I think most of them must have got recorded over, so looking forward to the DVD. In 1973 My girlfriend Rosie and I finally made to the States, hitch-hiking and Greyhound buses mainly. I remember waiting ages for a ride in L.A. and getting picked up by some “freaks” on their way to Disneyland. I wasn’t too keen on the idea at first but by the time we arrived we were of such a frame of mind that the whole thing was an amazing experience. I seem to remember a thing where you shrank down to the size of an atom and traveled through the human body. Also, driving the coast road near Big Sur, we looked out of the window and there was Fred “flubber” McMurray standing in a car park. A strange day! Dave.

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